New Umbrellas Opening

Savannah in the park

Photo shoot for the new Rainy Ladies series in Volunteer Park, Seattle.

One Day in the Park…

I had a very good time going to the park recently to shoot pictures of my friend Flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes for the Rainy Ladies series. She kindly agreed to hold a red umbrella and prance up and down stairs while I snapped away. The new paintings have a nice depth and emotion. Savannah is a wonderful dancer and produces her own tours. Take my advice and don’t miss a chance to see one of her shows. – Deb.


One thought on “New Umbrellas Opening

  1. I love YOU… I love your ART… I love your WRITING… I love your creative imagination… did I mention… You are hanging in our entry @ our NASHVILLE location + Nowhere Man hanging entry into my home office.
    …just sayin’, I Love YOU!

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