Save the Date! McCarroll at Art Attack November 12th in Georgetown, WA



6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
6007 12th Ave S. (2nd floor), Seattle, 98108
The Georgetown Art Attack, held on the second Saturday each month, features a diverse range of artists displaying works throughout the South Seattle Georgetown neighborhood.

Artist Deb McCarroll will feature new, limited-edition salmon prints, and Northwest-themed paintings and prints at the Hammie Salon located on the 2nd floor in the historic Hamilton building.

Light appetizers to be provided by Worobel Foods. Award-winning wine provided by Welcome Road Winery.

You are invited to stop by and experience the arts in this vibrant Seattle neighborhood.


Please pass this invitation on to friends. The more the merrier!
The salmon is an intrinsic, revered part of Northwest culture. The transformations and struggles the fish face are remarkable. I am inspired by the sublime structure and mechanics of this ancient, beautiful fish. Before cameras, the Japanese made prints of the fish they caught to keep a record of the catch. I’ve adapted these methods to print on board and canvas to show movement and depth. Using water-based paint, a limited number of prints are made from the sustainably caught fish. The salmon is subsequently washed, filleted and eaten.
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