Deb McCarroll

Deb McCarroll has been painting and exhibiting in Seattle since 1989. Her vibrant, acrylic

works on canvas and wood panel frequently utilize gold, silver, and copper leafs. The leafs are then selectively treated with acidic polymers, causing oxidation. McCarroll has exhibited nationally and her work is featured in numerous private collections.


“The different regions in which I’ve worked have always influenced my art. Issues relevant to the environment shape an artist in terms of emotional response, technique, etc. I’m doing the strongest work of my life, largely due to the robust environment of the Northwest and Seattle specifically. I tend to think of each work as a story with narrative, movement and transition. A life is being lived inside each one.”


McCarroll currently lives and works in West Seattle. She has owned and operated the graphic design firm Studio Pacific since 1993. You can find unique items and gifts at her Etsy store.