A Word About the Process


Incorporated metal leaf – Many of my paintings feature metal leaf applied to the canvas or panel. The leaf is applied with an adhesive or ‘size’ then portions of the leaf are coated with a mild acid solution which oxidizes the metal resulting in a green or brown patina. The oxidation is unpredictable, sometimes discoloring the entire applied area, sometimes leaving the leaf relatively intact. In the case of the red paintings above, a finished painting was produced on the panel and then covered entirely with gold leaf. The acid was then applied repeatedly until the leaf was nearly eaten away leaving a weathered, antique effect. Finally each piece is sealed with a UV protection varnish.


Painted Edge Example

A painting with the image wrapping on all sides to create sculptural effect.

Why are some pieces not framed? – My process sometimes involves painting around the edge of the canvas or panel so the image wraps completely to the wall. This creates a nearly sculptural effect resulting in a dynamic, complete expression of the subject matter. Some work lends itself to the confines of a frame and some does not. Pieces are developed with this in mind.

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