Messengers of the Mind


I’ve been watching hummingbirds lately. I put a feeder outside my studio window in our unseasonably warm Seattle January. They seem to be of another dimension. The acrobatics are, of course, astonishing but the more I watch the more it seems they barely touch the world we perceive. I went to refill the feeder and one of them hovered near me, seemingly trying to work out what I was. This seemed a great metaphor for all the unknowns we face as the world spins us round. With every day that passes I become more aware and interested in time so that has become a theme in my current work. Birds are a great vehicle on which to hang these impressions. They’re fleeting and delicate and as beautiful as they are ubiquitous. Also, they’re dinosaurs. And they can fly. So as subject matter, you cannot do better.

Goldfinches and Bricklayers


I’ve been working up a large painting in the studio. Birds to me are symbols of freedom and renewal. For me, the piece speaks to catharsis. You be the judge. My process is all about building. Like building a house–it’s foundation and then brick-by-brick. Each clip is about a minute and shows the process from beginning to end. Find me on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for watching!

Get Your McCarroll Hoodie and Give to a Great Cause



The folks at Jars Juice suggested we print a shirt to celebrate the Umbrella paintings being unveiled at the March 2nd show. So, we’ve printed this limited-edition, organic, cotton hoodie with the iconic image indicative of Seattle style and spirit. Shirts are great quality, with a super fine fit. A portion of every sale goes to Sara’s Sanctuary, a non-profit rescue facility where abused and unwanted animals are given a second chance at a happy, protected life. They do such great work, I’m proud to offer my support to this worthy organization. The shirts go for $45 and they’ll go fast so come by the show and grab yours on March 2nd!

Get Art Happy With a First Thursday Happy Hour at Jars Juice – March 2nd – 3:00PM – 6:00PM



Hey, boys and girls! I’m happy to say I’ll be showing some new stuff at Jars Juice on Thursday, March 2nd for the First Thursday artwalk. Come sip some body boosting juice concoctions or have a glass of wine from Welcome Road Winery. There’ll be bites from Worobel Artisanal Foods, as well. Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there!

Save the Date! McCarroll at Art Attack November 12th in Georgetown, WA



6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
6007 12th Ave S. (2nd floor), Seattle, 98108
The Georgetown Art Attack, held on the second Saturday each month, features a diverse range of artists displaying works throughout the South Seattle Georgetown neighborhood.

Artist Deb McCarroll will feature new, limited-edition salmon prints, and Northwest-themed paintings and prints at the Hammie Salon located on the 2nd floor in the historic Hamilton building.

Light appetizers to be provided by Worobel Foods. Award-winning wine provided by Welcome Road Winery.

You are invited to stop by and experience the arts in this vibrant Seattle neighborhood.


Please pass this invitation on to friends. The more the merrier!
The salmon is an intrinsic, revered part of Northwest culture. The transformations and struggles the fish face are remarkable. I am inspired by the sublime structure and mechanics of this ancient, beautiful fish. Before cameras, the Japanese made prints of the fish they caught to keep a record of the catch. I’ve adapted these methods to print on board and canvas to show movement and depth. Using water-based paint, a limited number of prints are made from the sustainably caught fish. The salmon is subsequently washed, filleted and eaten.
See more at and artsyo.

What do I have to do to put you in this painting today!



In a recent survey commissioned by online art dealer UGallery, 70 percent of people have never bought artwork — ever. And 20 percent found it to be the most intimidating shopping experience of all — more so than shopping for real estate or an expensive car.

The online art clearing house Artsy has a great article with 7 tips for buying original art. Regardless where you get your art, supporting original art is a great way to invest in the creative community while enriching your living space.

One Tasty Show!!



Stephanie Kirby and The Deb hangin’ at the Kirby/Cooksey house.

Still basking in the glow of the pop-up show, I sit here feeling like I’m one lucky camper. I sold half my stock and I got to meet so many lovely folks as they drifted through Stephanie Kirby’s fabulous home.

The scrumptious food was provided by Jake and Louann over at Worobel Artisinal and they took great care to keep everyone fed and happy. And speaking of happy, the tasty reds and whites were provided by Welcome Road Winery–a local vintner right in our own neighborhood here in West Seattle. It was just a lovely day to mingle, talk art and sip wine.


Jake and Louann from the awesome Worobel Artisanal. Thanks for taking such good care of everyone, kids!


Thanks to Welcome Road Winery for providing their award-winning vino!!

This week I had a few calls from folks mulling purchases and following up. Rebecca Hale came and picked up a bird and even sent a pic, saying, “It doesn’t look quite as lonely in that space. I love it.” I’m so glad the little bird found a good home, Rebecca. It’ll be spring year round now!

If you’ve got photos of a painting in your space, I’d love to see it. Send along and I’ll post to Facebook!


Photo of It Was a Cold Spring in its new home at Rebecca Hale’s house.